China State-Owned Assets Supervision & Admn Commission42,20%6.621.786.667
First Seafront Fund Management Co., Ltd.14,80%695.034.000
Wisdomshire Asset Management Co., Ltd.6,01%282.652.000
Shanghai Chongyang Strategic Investment Co. Ltd.4,32%202.876.000
Hebei State-Owned Assets Supervision & Admin. Commission3,14%493.316.146
China Securities Finance Corp. Ltd.2,97%466.953.720
The Vanguard Group, Inc.2,90%136.219.183
Jiangsu State-Owned Assets Sup. & Admin. Commission2,12%332.964.700
Yinhua Fund Management Co., Ltd.1,72%81.046.000
BlackRock Fund Advisors1,71%80.276.000
Liaoning State Owned Asset Sup & Admin Commission1,69%264.966.200
City of Dalian (China)1,64%257.070.000
Fujian State Owned-Assets Supervision & Admin. Commission1,60%251.814.185
Ping An Fund Management Co., Ltd.1,20%56.250.000
CTBC Investments Co., Ltd.1,18%55.576.802
GF Fund Management Co., Ltd.0,98%153.745.652
HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd.0,94%148.244.142
ICBC Credit Suisse Asset Management Co., Ltd.0,83%129.659.755